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Fun and easy focusing activities that are making a difference in the daily lives of teachers and students everywhere!

Recessitate fits into any lesson plan anytime to:

  • Create positive environments for learning
  • Support the needs of diverse learners and the whole child
  • Develop lifelong habits to improve energy and learning

Recessitate is a recipe box of 24 glossy, durable, double-sided, playful, 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" color-coded cards with easy, 1-5 minute activities that turn

Fidgets to FOCUSED, Antsy to ALERT,
Dazed to ENGAGED and Blah to BEST

Never before packaged together, Recessitate's compilation of energy shifting strategies are inspired from experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, occupational therapy and moving and learning.

It's brain compatible learning that helps teachers meet daily requirements for physical activity minutes while teaching life skills to manage one's mood and stress levels for today's and tomorrow's learning and workspaces.

Teachers and parents use Recessitate's activities to get their students in a frame for learning.

Early childhood, primary, secondary, special, home, and adult education - tools for ALL including ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing and other Response to Intervention needs.

It's as easy as:

1. Pick a Card

2. Read and Lead

3. Create a Learning Mindset!

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